8 out of 10 first year university students find it difficult to find balance in their lives. Isolation, financial problems, balancing study and work, living away from home all affect mental wellbeing.

At the same time it is becoming more difficult  to access under resourced mental health services

After years of campaigning by mental health groups and student organisations Universities are beginning to realise that they  need to invest money in the support

and services students need to flourish.

 Universities UK In their  ‘Step Change for Mental Health’ report argues that mental health must  to be a strategic  priority for Universities and their students.

Nottingham Trent University’s pilot project with studentminds   on how this can happen provides a practical and useful guide to how University’s can achieve this.

The University of Birmingham has  just announced that £2.5million will be spent over the next year on providing more  well being and mental health services for students.

This investment has created new posts for dedicated staff,mental health and suicide training for University staff. It is also creating online guides and working with  the Student Guild and  Chaplaincy to provide the range of information and support that students need to ensure their well being  as they study.