Bringing lived experience into education and training

Education Resources

This section offers information on how Suresearch members are bringing personal experience  of mental health issues into training and education.



Involvement in Teaching

Suresearch members are involved in delivery and planning of teaching on courses providing training for student and qualified social workers, psychologists, nurses and other practitioners at University of Birmingham and other Midlands colleges. This includes:

  • collaborating on delivery of teaching and interviewing candidates on the University of Birmingham social work courses. Further information is available here.
  • involvement win teaching on the University of Birmingham Clinical  and Forensic Psychology doctorate courses, including sharing personal experiences in teaching sessions, interviewing candidates for the courses, and attending the course management committees.
  • facilitating and presenting at the interdisciplinary Collaborative Learning Initiative which takes  place each January at University of Birmingham.

For service users, survivors and carers involved in this work, Suresearch and its meetings provide an opportunity for mutual support and  sharing ideas and experiences.


Resources produced in partnership with CEIMH

We have produced various  video and written resources  in conjunction with the Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health (CEIMH), which hosted Suresearch from 2006 until 2011. Further information on the history of Suresearch’s partnership with CEIMH will be posted on our History of Suresearch Page.


Video resources

These resources have been developed by Suresearch in collaboration with the University of Birmingham for use in mental health training and education.


The Tidal Model

This model promoted the view that the key task of nurses was the creation of a therapeutic relationship with patients. The IPCF was involved in the writing of a Tidal Model Handbook for staff, as well as creating accompanying videos in which Suresearch members discuss the principles of the Tidal Model. These resources are available from here.


The impact of medication

In this series of ‘Digital Stories’, service users recounted their experiences of using psychiatric medication. The videos can be viewed here. You can read more about how these resources were been made and used here: Service User Involvement in Training Ward Staff


Experiences of Inpatient Care

Another set of Digital Stories exhibit service users recounting their personal experiences of becoming inpatients in mental health hospitals. They are available here.



Written resources

Suresearch members also collaborated in the production of written materials:


Transforming Services: Changing Lives

This research based guide,Transforming Services: Changing Lives, suggests ways in which mental health practitioners and service users can work together to grow user involvement in service provision and development.


Two Decades of Change

In 2006 Suresearch, with the Centre of Excellence in Mental Health, organised a one day celebration event in the West Midlands, to mark two decades of Service User Involvement in mental health. Two Decades of Change, the report of the day was written by Suresearch members.



Resources produced by Suresearch and its members

The following resources have been written by Suresearch members:


Handbook of Spiritual Care in Mental Illness

This 2015 publication has been written by Jo Barber in collaboration with the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust. You can read more about this here.