Collaborative Learning Initiative


This short interdisciplinary course for approximately one hundred trainee practitioners runs over a few days each year in January, and  is led by academic staff in the Social Work, Nursing and Psychology departments at University of Birmingham.

Students on training  courses for social work, mental health nursing, clinical psychology, psychiatry, and other disciplines come together  to focus on different theoretical perspectives and values in mental health such as medical and social models, and discuss case studies.

Service users and carers play a central part in the interdisciplinary nature of the course by giving presentations based on personal  experience of mental distress and mental health services, and by facilitating  small group sessions.

Suresearch members also feature in the video teaching materials, spacing about their experiences, and interviewing academic staff and practitioners. You can watch one of the Youtube videos below:



Further video material produced for the Initiative can be viewed from the Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health website, here.