Personal Narratives

The titles below are links to pieces of writing which you can read and download. Short introductions on this page are written by the authors or our editorial team.


Remembering Renata Ažman – Tony Devaney

Renata’s writing workshops in Slovenia and Birmingham gave rise to an anthology including articles and poems by members of Suresearch (Write Out Your Pain, 2014) … As a tribute to Renata, one year on from her death, I am posting my article ‘Why I still have Hope’ and accompanying poems from the anthology.


Slovenian Book – My Essay and Poems – Tony Devaney

‘Why I still have hope – illness and spiritual growth’ …For those of us who take a wider view of life, beyond the immediate emphasis on economics and social function alone, illness may present an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.


Inner Healing and Soul Connection – Tony Devaney

Apparent inactivity and illness may at times conceal an intense interior activity and purpose, a hidden process of transformation and evolution of consciousness. Such a process involves an alternation between discipline and spontaneity, between creative striving and receptiveness or submission to a higher Will.