Critical Reflections

The titles below are links to pieces of writing which you can read and download. Short introductions on this page are written by the authors or our editorial team.


From Depression to Self Realisation: A Wider View – Tony Devaney

Exploring the cultural determinants of depression In a Channel 4 television documentary in 1999, called ‘New Britain on the Couch’, the psychologist Oliver James observed, ” The thing that puzzles me is that with all this freedom and affluence, the happiness bit hasn’t come about.” He commented that the Government was doing nothing to address our psychological well-being and in fact ‘they might be making things worse.’


Rapidly Cycling Towards a New Psychiatric Era – J. R. King & J. L. Greville

Much energy is now devoted to trying to control the more extreme instances of bipolar “disease”, including the form where the mood swings are very frequent, known as rapid cycling. But one is entitled to wonder what psychiatrists of 50 years hence will make of these efforts.


Compassion in Health and Social Care – Tony Devaney

We measure the degree of civilisation in our multicultural society by how we care for the sick and disadvantaged members of it. Yet we are still failing the elderly and the most vulnerable by placing severe restrictions on our Welfare system, and by imposing stringent targets on Healthcare workers and undervaluing their role.


Reflections on Health and Care in a Consumer Society – Tony Devaney

The health implications of widespread problems with food allergies and additive intolerances in our society are still being largely ‘swept under the carpet’ by government and Industry. Sometimes, very severe symptoms associated with such problems can go undiagnosed or unrecognised for many years, often being put down by GP’s to individual anxiety or stress.